Friday, August 3, 2012

Public Art Evaluation: Principles & Methodology for Measuring Social Impact

UAP Professor Elizabeth Morton will participate in this upcoming webinar sponsored by Americans in the Arts.  See below for more info and how to register!

"Arlington Public Art Administrator Angela Adams will be a presenter on the upcoming Americans for the Arts Webinar: "Public Art Evaluation: Principles & Methodology for Measuring Social Impact" August 16, 2012 at 2:00 p.m. EDT (60 minutes). 

When public art administrators are asked to make the case for their program, it is beneficial for them to look at both the economic and social impact of the artworks within the larger urban, social and cultural context. Is there a reliable framework that can be the basis of good public art evaluation? And what are some simple yet effective evaluation methods that public art programs can implement? These questions and more will be addressed in Americans for the Arts' ongoing work in measuring the impact of public art. 

This webinar will be presented by recent PAN and Animating Democracy Blog Salon contributors Dr. Elizabeth Morton, Professor in Practice, Urban Affairs and Planning, Virginia Tech, Alexandria campus; Angela Adams, Public Art Administrator, Arlington Cultural Affairs, Arlington, VA and Katherine Gressel, artist and Programs Manager at Smack Mellon Gallery (NY); Pam Korza, Co-Director Animating Democracy, Americans for the Arts.

To sign up for the webinar, register on the Americans for the Arts Website or read Angela's recent blog post on evaluation on the ARTSBlog.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

2:00 - 3:00 p.m.


Register Online

Free for Americans for the Arts Members
$35.00 for Non-members"

New Article at @Planetizen by CPAP Prof Kevin DeSouza: Getting Serious About Resilience in Planning

Kevin DeSouza, Ph.D.
"Resilience is a term much bandied about these days in the planning and development professions. Buildings, plans, economies and even cities are expected to be resilient to unforeseen externalities in a world of rapidly changing technologies, climates, and cultures. With this in mind, Kevin C. Desouza and his colleagues at the Metropolitan Institute at Virginia Tech would like to engage you, the planning and development community, in a discussion of what exactly it means to be resilient in a planning context, whether this is a laudable goal, and, if so, how we can achieve it."  Read more at

The DC Office of Planning Seeks Focus Group Participants: Wants to Hear Your Views on the District’s Present and Future

From the YIPPS listserve:

"The DC Office of Planning Wants to Hear Your Views on the District’s Present and Future
Washington, D.C., has seen significant changes over the past ten years.  After decades of population decline, the District has seen a solid decade of population growth, and that growth is continuing.  New services such as the Circulator bus, bikesharing and carsharing make it easier for residents to get around the city.  At the same time, the historic character of our city makes the District of Columbia a place of great attractions and destinations, unique and vibrant neighborhoods, and interesting streetscapes and public spaces.  Because the greatest assets of our city are its residents and neighborhoods, the D.C. Office of Planning wants to hear from you—as the District moves into its future, what do residents across the city care about most?  What are the best ways to engage you and other residents to discuss the impacts of future growth in the District, its preservation and stewardship, and prosperity for all residents?

In a partnership with The American Institute of Architects (AIA) DC Advocacy Committee, the D.C. Office of Planning is hosting a series of informal forums to explore these questions.  These discussions will bring together groups of 12 to 15 residents to share their experiences and ideas.  Thoughts shared in these discussions groups will help the Office of Planning improve how we reach out to residents during planning processes, give us a better idea of what issues to focus on, and inform how we develop our upcoming Citizen Planner initiative. 

Please provide us with the following information and submit it to the Office of Planning no later than August 8, 2012 to be considered.  If you are selected to participate in a focus group you will be contacted by August 13, 2012. You may respond to:

1.     Name:
2.     Contact Information:  (phone number, or email address)
3.     Ward where you live:
4.     How long have you lived in the District of Columbia?
5.     Have you ever attended a community meeting or participated in a community organization and/ or activity?"

VT-ARC Fall Internship Available

Virginia Tech Applied Research Corporation is accepting applications for our Fall 2012 Internship Position. See attached flyer for more information.

For questions, contact Taylor Nurmi at or (571) 435-4297.

CPAP Events and Activities Labels: Scholarships Four National Capital Region graduate students awarded scholarships by NCR Chapter of the Virginia Tech Alumni Association

by Barbara Micale

"The National Capital Region (NCR) Chapter of the Virginia Tech Alumni Association has awarded $4,000 scholarships to each of four graduate students in the region: Fenye Bao, a Ph.D. student in Computer Science and Applications, College of Engineering; Mary McAlevy, in the Master of Arts in Education (Counselor Education) Program, College of Education; John C. O'Byrne, a Ph.D. student in Public Administration and Policy, College of Architecture and Urban Planning; and James H. Stagge, a Ph.D. student in Civil Engineering, College of Engineering."  Read more at